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Our Caregivers are mature, caring, thoughtful and thorough adults who take joy in providing Bella Home Care to Seniors and other adults living in their own homes. They come to us looking for jobs for Caregivers, but what they find is that and much, much more!

Real Difference

Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of clients as a caregiver?

Assisted Living Facility

Do you want to help clients live in Comfort, Security, and Dignity by helping them to remain at home instead of being uprooted to move to unfamiliar surroundings in a nursing home or an assisted living facility?

Expert Care

Do you believe, as we do, that clients can enjoy “assisted living in their own homes” by enjoying your expert care?
Our Caregiver jobs provide opportunities to work with clients as a home care aide or caregiver. The wonderful professionals who perform caregiving jobs with our company love the work, the hours and the pay. Most of all, they love working for a company that cares about Caregiver job satisfaction and career objectives, and that’s what they find here are our company!

We offer Caregiver jobs that provide:

Top wages

Support from managers available by phone at all times,

Premium pay on legal holidays


Medical and dental benefit programs

In order to work for our company you must have:

Significant prior experience as a caregiver for seniors and other adults, with solid references that we can verify (so that you will be able to provide excellent service to our clients). If you are a CNA or CHHA that’s great, but it is not required.

A valid driver’s license (so that you can transport our clients or do errands and shopping for them)

Proof of auto registration and appropriate auto insurance coverage (so that you can transport our clients or do errands and shopping for them)

A good driving record (for the safety and peace of mind of our clients)

You must be:

Physically able to safely perform all home care tasks (so that you can safely assist our clients with transferring)

Able to read and write English and able to speak English (so that our clients and staff can safely work with you)

Able to pass a TB test (to protect our clients’ health)

Able to pass a very thorough criminal background check(for the safety of our clients)

Legally authorized to work in the United States (so that we can obey the law)

Able to work at least twenty hours each week

Passionate about taking care of clients and helping them Live Independently with Comfort, Safety and Dignity in the Security of Their Own Homes.

This is not just a “job”… it is a calling!

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